Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gender Reveal Party - The Dahlicious Breakdown

Gender Reveal Party - The Dahlicious Breakdown... For any of you that follow me on other forms of social media, or know me at all, you understand that my first and so far only nephew, is the love of my life (sorry significant other!). That could all change pretty soon however, when we get ANOTHER BOY in November to add to the brood. This past weekend I traveled back to the Best Coast to celebrate the little guy's gender reveal. My family has become quite festive in putting these types of parties together, and since we just love food so much, it of course becomes a big part of the whole shebang.

The idea of the gender reveal party is that everyone gets to come wearing their prediction on their sleeve, literally wearing blue or pink. They get to cast votes for a small fee in order to potentially win the grand prize (180 bucks this time!) and bragging rights of course. Friends and family were welcome for the afternoon/early evening backyard event full of food, fun, and of course finding out Peanut's gender.

Before the big reveal took place my mom (and the secret food caterer inside her) came up with a cute menu of 3 boys apps and 3 girls apps. They were Dahlicious and adorable and perfect for the event:

Girls Food:
  • Sweet Baby Bell Peppers: Stuffed with avocado, cucumber, tomato, and feta - topped with a kalamata olive

  • Peaches n' Cream Bruschetta: DIY with toasted baguette, chopped grilled peaches, burratta, basil, and pink sea salt

  • Grilled Pink Prawns: Marinated in lime, grilled and served with pomegranate seeds and a sweet guava dipping sauce


Boys Food:

  • Pulled Pork Manwhiches: BBQ Pulled pork on sweet Hawaiian buns

  • Weenies in a blanket: Cocktail weenies in a puff pastry with spicy honey mustard dipping sauce


  • Blue Cheese Wings: Chicken wings and BLUE cheese


Here was the finished product!







Everyone pitched in to make it perfect - we each had our dish to put together and to replenish. Seriously I think my mom needs to start a catering business! Also my dad get's credit with the BBQing - from the grilled peaches to the prawns to the wings - I think he spent several hours manning the grill on Saturday morning!

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