Thursday, November 13, 2014

Deconstructed Meatloaf & Other Meals Lately

Deconstructed Meatloaf... Do you ever plan to make something the normal way you always do it, and then the day before or a few hours before suddenly you think "what if i make that thing... but inside out..."? Well that happens to me often, either in the name of cutting corners and making dinner more quickly, or because I'm a little bored of the usual and feel like I could enjoy the same flavors but in a different... "format" if you will.

Anywho, that happened this week when I had planned to make a super standard dinner: meatloaf, baked potato, asparagus.

I started thinking about mixing the cold meat with all those breadcrumbs and it just sounded like something I wasn't up for. So alas I settled into the idea of a loaf less meatloaf... which I guess is just meat? With seasonings.. that taste like meatloaf.

What I used:
1lb ground beef
1 package meatloaf seasoning
1 squeeze of ketchup
liberal sprinkling of Worcestershire sauce

In a large saute pan I browned the meat with a bit of olive oil. Once browned I added in the seasoning, ketchup, and Worcestershire and let it simmer for a few minutes.

This really only takes about 8 minutes in total so this was the last step of my dinner making (assembling is more like it). About an hour before I popped the potatoes in the oven to bake until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside (1 hour at 425 should do the trick). I also added a foil packet of asparagus to the oven when the timer had about 15 minutes remaining.

To serve I split my potato, loaded it up with my deconstructed meatloaf added a dollop of sour cream and a bunch of asparagus on the side. YUM! It was easy and Dahlish and although I wouldn't say it was my MOST creative meal it felt a little different and I sure enjoyed it.

In other news here is what we have been eating lately:

Roasted Chicken with Squash and Asparagus:

Chicken White Bean Veggie Stoup:

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Mushrooms & Brocolini:

Bell Pepper Tacos with Black Beans:

Grilled Spiced Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Fries & Kale:

Open Faced Baguette Sandwich with Burrata, Sun dried Tomatoes & Prosciutto:

Whole Wheat Avocado Toast with Crispy Fried Eggs:

Still loving my Meal Board:

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