Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pork & Zucchini Faux Pho

Pork & Zucchini Faux Pho.... Are you a lover of Pho? Of Udon & Ramen? Do steaming bowls of wonton soup and slippery noodles just really send you over the deep end? Well, me too. Total weakness right here, Asian soups.

But sometimes I have the craving on a Tuesday night when I'm trying to be "good" and go the low carb route and so for that, we have the spiralizer. Yep it's back. I finally whisked the thing out from deep in the appliance cabinet and brought it back to life after a few month hiatus.

This wasn't a meal I was planning actually but had a lot to do with what I grabbed last weekend. We stopped at a local farmers market where one farmer was selling the most gorgeous orangey yellow squash and plump zucchini and I grabbed a few for the week, taken with their beauty. Fast forward a few hours to my normal trek to Mariano's for the rest of the week's groceries and in the Natural & Organic section I found my long lost pal the Happy Pho kit. I swear they got rid of it for a while and since this seemed like a lucky find I picked up a box of the stuff just to have on hand.

As the week carried on and I found myself with a pork chop, zucchini & squash and as I thought of what to make, Pho came to mind. So on Tuesday I put my pork chop in a Ziploc bag with some teriyaki marinade to amp up the flavor for Wednesday. I also had some time Tuesday night to do my spirazling which also went in a bag in the fridge until I was ready to use it.

On Wednesday it made for a pretty easy time of throwing it together. I simply followed the directions on the kit, boil 4 cups of stock with the seasoning packet provided. Dump in your extras (noodles, protein, additional veggies) and let it simmer for a few minutes. Serve hot.

While the stock was boiling I sliced my pork chop into thin pieces and got them nice and crispy in a hot pan, they only take a couple minutes to cook on each side and right before tossing them in my boiling soup I added a small spoonful of Hoisin sauce, just for some extra flavor. I tossed them right in with my veggie "noodles" and broth and let the flavors meld for a few minutes. Sadly I didn't have any other fresh herbs on hand and I was fresh out of limes, but a big squeeze of  lemon juice did the trick.

Simmering broth & seasoning

Right after adding the Hoisin

This meal, minus the prepping of the veggies, took about 10 minutes. The longest part is waiting for the 4 cups to boil. This meal is great, I've mentioned Happy Pho on here before but I think last time I used the mushroom pack but this time I went for Zesty Ginger which was fabulous and the ingredients include: Organic Star Anise, organic saigon cinnamon, ginger, black cardamon, and spring onion. Dahlish! Enjoy!

Let it simmer a few minutes

The good stuff, pre ladling the broth atop

Ingredients you can feel good about