Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Butter Makes Everything Better

Butter Makes Everything Better... I have always been a butter lover. When I was little my dad used to tease "do you want some bread with your butter?". I am notorious for a small morsel of bread and a big slab of butter, because seriously, what is better?

Despite my love for butter being profound, I generally try to steer clear of using it often at home or in my regular cooking. I usually use grape seed oil or olive oil in it's place for normal weeknight dinners but over the past couple of days I've snuck in some butter instead and my oh my it is lovely.

On Sunday afternoon I was cooking up a storm - chicken/kale/white bean soup for a week's worth of lunch as well as beef/veal/pork meatballs and tomato sauce for 2 dinners. I took a break for lunch and decided to ladle myself a bit of the soup, but I really needed something else. GRILLED CHEESE. And what better way to fry up the perfect crispy crunchy grilled cheese but to add a heaping portion of butter to the pan. Yep, it was perfect.

After posting a quick insta of my delightful and Dahlicious Sunday lunch I noticed a comment from an old friend mentioning that organic grass fed butter is actually quite good for you. After a little research I do see that there are a number of health benefits and am going to be on the lookout next time I head to the store!

In the meantime I buttered up another meal - I just couldn't help myself. Last night between post work day yoga and an evening call with my team on the other side of the world, I prepared a quick but PERFECT meal.

I started with salmon, a really beautiful piece from wholefoods - skin removed. I laid it on a piece of foil with a tiny drizzle of oil, a liberal sprinkle of salt and pepper, a big squeeze of half a lemon's worth of juice, a few sprigs of parsley, and a PAD of butter. I folded that bad boy up nice and tight in a little pouch and in the fridge it went until it was time to roast.

Meanwhile I popped a scrubbed & poked baking potato in the oven at 425 and set it for 60 minutes. When the timer had about 20 minutes left I added my salmon pouch to the potato in the oven as well as a little foil pouch of asparagus to steam along side.

When the time struck zero I was left with the most moist, decadent, flaky salmon I have ever made. Not to mention a super perfectly cooked potato with crispy skin and fluffy insides. The asparagus was good too, but let's be honest I just needed it there to feel like I wasn't just consuming fat and starch.

needless to say the meal was Dahlish - super simple but done just right. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week of eating

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