Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tentative Week of Dinner

Tentative Week of Dinner:

Sunday I did my weekly shopping, stocking up on my usual's and filling in the gaps of what I didn't already have to make a few complete meals for the week. My usual's include bananas, Trader Joe's strawberry and blueberry single serve Greek yogurts, Kashi go lean crunch, and eggs. That makes up my breakfast and snack (hard boiled eggs are a great protein treat for me between breakfast and lunch when I'm dying of starvation by 10 am at my desk.).

I knew that I had some tuna steaks at home that I wanted to make this week, along with a head of broccoli  a bunch of Brussels sprouts, and an acorn squash just waiting to be roasted. I knew that I wanted to make 4 dinners and have enough for lunch and leftovers. As I strolled through the store I picked up fresh ingredients that sounded Dahlicious - estimating 1 protein & two veggies per night. Here is my menu:

Seared Tuna w/ sauteed brocolini and roasted acorn squash

Baked Chicken Tenders (marinated in greek yogurt and coated in crushed corn flakes) with roasted Brussels sprouts

Grilled Pork Chops with sauteed onions, broccoli, mushrooms, and bell peppers

Italian Chicken Sausages with sauteed Kale and Baked Feta

Monday has clearly come and gone and the seared tuna with acorn squash was a hit the first time around, and now I'm just waiting to dig in at lunch! A post about that is coming next! Happy Election Day everyone - I think my healthy chicken fingers are pretty fitting on this good ole American eve!

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