Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 Week of Breakfast: Made in 40 minutes on Sunday

1 Week of Breakfast: Made in 40 minutes on Sunday... So I decided that my usual TJ's Greek Yogurt & Kashi breakfast routine needed a little shaking up. To be honest I'm actually not sick of it at all yet (even though I have eaten it almost every weekday morning for over a year now) but I have been giving some thought to attempting to kind of do a paleo diet for the next month or so. I'm saying "kind of" because I haven't decided how serious I am going to be about it. For starters I am going on a trip this weekend over Presidents so it will NOT be in effect, but perhaps when I return I will get back into it. So that means taking out dairy and pretty much all carbs - aka grains. I did however make a snack/dessert that includes some oats but I'm saying "oh well!" to that one because I think it's still a good treat.

Anywho here is the breakfast: Egg casserole with spinach, ham and yellow bell peppers

So Easy. Simply whisk a dozen eggs in a large bowl. Next dice up a few slices of ham from the deli counter along with one bell pepper. Add your diced ingredients to the eggs and give it a mix. Then take a handful of spinach and mix that in as well. Add some seasoning if you'd like. I'm trying to steer clear of adding extra salt to my food so I opted for other enhancements like pepper...I'll admit, I missed the salt.

Pour the mixture into a Pyrex baking dish and pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Once it cools slice it into smaller pieces that you can put in a Tupperware container and bring to work each morning. I usually pop it in the microwave at work for a minute to heat up and eat it with a little bit of Siracha. I like the kick and it's a great way to add some flavor. I'll be completely candid and tell you I am just so-so about this breakfast, but my other half had a piece before hoping on a plane Monday morning and told me it was the best thing I've ever made. Either his taste buds aren't up to par or my cooking skills aren't what I think they are!

Anyways, it's a good alternative, and if you like scrambled eggs/omelets this will be right up your alley! I'm more of a runny yolk kinda girl.

PS it's only been two days and just knowing I CAN'T eat pasta or yogurt is making me want it more than usual .. I don't imagine this little test will be lasting too long. Plus I'm generally a proponent of "everything in moderation".. a little pasta never hurt anyone!

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