Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dahlicious Lunch: Avocado Inspired

Dahlicious Lunch: Avocado Inspired... I've noticed that the few posts I have up on the blog regarding lunches have received a lot of views, which leads me to assume most of you have a hard time coming up with easy healthful lunches to bring to work (or where ever you are in the middle of the day). I happen to be pretty good about bringing my lunch - 1) it's the healthiest option I have found, 2) it's the least expensive option I have found, 3) if you are organized and do a little planning ahead of time it's actually pretty easy, 4) most of my colleagues are on the west coast and often schedule meetings at noon my time, so lunch is usually spent at my desk munching away while I have a few moments to hit the mute button.

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I brought leftover chicken and white bean soup which I made a big pot of on Sunday. Now that the leftovers have all been devoured I had to get a little creative with the rest of the week. I have tons of stuff in the fridge so it wasn't difficult to find a few options.

I happen to have 2 beautifully ripe avocados sitting out so I started with that, along with a gorgeous yellow heirloom tomato. And what goes better with a gorgeous heirloom tomato than fresh mozz? That's right, nothing.

So the first part of lunch is a simple salad of mixed greens (baby kale, arugula, spinach), topped with tomato, fresh mozz, and avocado chunks. I brought a small container of olive oil and balsamic to dress it at work.

The second part of my meal used up the rest of the avocado and worked in some protein and whole grains. For this I made a simple sando, whole wheat bread, a little spicy brown mustard, smashed avocado, and oven roasted turkey - so simple and so good!

Hopefully this serves as a little inspiration to whip up a healthful lunch based on ingredients you already have and need to use up! Happy Wednesday!

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