Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cape Cod: Lobster Fest 2012

Cape Cod: Lobster Fest 2012... In the summer of 1999 at the age of 10, I experienced my first of seven summers at Camp Wingate Kirkland. This rustic oasis is any kid's vision of heaven on earth, and became a pivotal part of my childhood. Over the years the phrase "Summers on the Cape" became quite synonymous with nostalgic camp memories and mouth watering recollections of seafood overloads.

Knowing this, you can imagine that when a trip to the Cape with my family was offered up I jumped at the chance to take a day off of work and head up to my summertime paradise for a 3 day weekend. (Side note, my last year at camp was as a counselor in 2005 and I had not been back to the Cape since).

Of course in my family most vacations are centered around the meals. We have been known to travel to our favorite town in Italy and stake out a spot on the beach near the restaurant we plan to eat at just to make sure we are perfectly situated to take a break from eating to lay out. Note: I did not say take a break from laying out to eat, but take a break from eating to lay out. That is the way my family operates. That being said, I knew going into this weekend, when a week prior I was receiving "Lobster Fest" texts from my dad, that this trip to Hyannis would be no exception.

We stayed for the weekend with our cousins who have a gorgeous house right on the water. It is the type of place that you are totally content to spend your entire vacation at, making it pretty easy to get right into relaxation mode. After an incredibly memorable but filling dinner in Boston at Rino's on Friday night, it was only fitting that Saturday on the Cape would continue the "large portion" trend with a GINORMOUS Lobster Roll. I am telling you this thing had at least two lobsters worth of meat in it and I only ate half... but perhaps I could also only eat half due to the bucket of steamers we finished off pretty quickly at the table before the Rolls came!

Epic Lobsta Roll
After an afternoon trip to Camp to see my little campers, who are now grown up counselors, and a kayak  ride out in front of the house, we were all ready to start back in on the eating! Dinner on Saturday was at home with a gathering of friends. The meal included BBQ'd chicken wings, a bucket of steamers, perfectly grilled salmon, a chilled green bean salad, and fresh sliced tomatoes in a balsamic reduction. So yummy and such a perfect summer meal!

BBQ'd Wings ala Cousin Mikey
On Sunday, after a lazy morning of indulging in a whole lot of laying around and breakfast at home, we took a big walk to a seafood bar on the water not far from the house. This late afternoon lunch included everything from a Dahlicious clam chowder to every fried seafood imaginable - clams, shrimp, scallops, & white fish. Yum!

Fried Clams

Post early evening food coma, we decided once again to venture down to the water for a Sunday Night boiled lobster special. On the Plate (after a bucket of steamers for the table): 1.5 lb steamed lobster, cole slaw, & buttered corn on the cob. The process is messy but the reward is sweet! Needless to say, I got my fix of a traditional lobster fest out of this meal!

Bucket of steamers!
Sunday Night Lobster Dinner
The weekend ended on a high note with a drive around some old Cape Cod stomping grounds and a visit to see one of our family friends in the city before heading back to Chi town. It was a great weekend of relaxing and indulging in foods I don't often eat when I'm out and even less frequently whip up at home. I will say though, since I've been back I've still felt as though I am in food overload and can't get myself to put together a proper dinner - scrambled eggs & grilled cheese it is!

Happy Wednesday Yall!

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