Monday, July 2, 2012

Salmon Burger Sans Bun & Baked Feta

Salmon Burger Sans Bun & Baked Feta... Coming back to Chi town after a weekend at home in Southern California doing lots of eating with my family, I decided to go a little lighter on this hot midwestern summer eve and grill some salmon! I wasn't however completely in the mood for a salmon filet, so opted for TJ's salmon burgers instead. Of course when I am trying to be healthy I eat my burgers sans the bun, and so was the decision tonight as well. Hope you all think this dinner menu sounds as Dahlicious as it tasted!

On the Menu:
Grilled Salmon burgers, baked feta cheese & chopped brussels sprouts salad.

The Salad:
The salad consisted of tossed shaved TJ's brussels, chunks of a perfectly ripe avocado, diced juicy red tomato, with chopped crunchy cucumbers and baby bell peppers. I just threw it all in a big salad bowl, tossed it with a vegan vinaigrette from TJ's and voilla. Perfect chopped salad.

Chopped brussels salad
The Baked Feta:
This is one of those Dahlicious things my mom made growing up and when I get a craving for it I just have to make the bubbling salty side with whatever I'm serving up when the craving hits. This is super simple and everyone seems to love it. All you need to do is place slices of feta cheese (buy a block not crumbled feta) in a pyrex baking dish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with dried oregano. Then pop it in the at 425 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes. Just until the edges turn brown and the inside is gooey and bubbling. YUM!! You can also chop up tomatoes or marinated artichokes or kalamata olives and surround the cheese in the pyrex dish with these tidbits for an additional roasted veggies aspect of the meal. This baked feta can be served atop a lamb burger, as an appetizer with crackers, or next to some grilled salmon for a delightfully indulgent side dish.

Pre Caption

Post Baking
The Salmon Burgers:
These things could not be easier. They can be found in the freezer section of TJ's (I have always shied away from the freezer sections in grocery stores before TJ's. We never froze much growing up nor did my mom buy frozen foods so I am quite choosey when it comes to these selections. These burgers however are totally Dahlicious, and super fresh tasting.. not to mention easy!). Simply season the patties with a grill seasoning or pepper, and place them frozen on a hot grill or grill pan. Let them sear on each side for 3-5 minutes depending on how well done you like your salmon and how hot your grill/grill pan is. I would suggest doing this on a fairly high temperature so that you get nice grill marks and a good sear.

Dinner is served
This meal was easy and healthful, yet indulgent with that savory warm feta. Hope y'all had a Dahlicious Monday!

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