Monday, July 23, 2012

Spinachy Monday

Spinachy Monday... Well folks, I am back to making a few home cooked meals before heading out of town again this upcoming weekend! Hopefully once I return I can get in a good groove of cookin at home! 

Last night was Sunday, and what is more perfect on a Sunday than a burger. I happened to have a block of white cheddar that I bought at TJ's last week and needed to use up, along with  one lovely tomato and a perfectly ripe avocado. I rounded the meal out with a baked sweet potato and steamed asparagus. YUM.

White Cheddar Burger

Tomato & Avocado

Now, on to tonight.

On the Menu:
Grilled Chicken Sausages, sauteed spinach, spinach tortellini with pesto.

The Chicken Sausages:
Growing up my mom wasn't one who usually substituted turkey or chicken as a lower cal option for red meat or pork, however these days as I am more conscious of my caloric intake (now that I'm a working gal sitting at a desk all day it's harder to burn off what I eat!). And I will say that I have been quite please with the selection of chicken and turkey options that TJ's provides. From chicken meatballs, to turkey bacon, to chicken sausages of all kind - I have become a major proponent of the white meat options! Not to mention, they're already cooked so it just a mater of grilling the sausages for a nice crispy sear or roasting the meatballs till they're warm and bubbly! In tonight's case I went for some chicken sausages. Alls I did was get the grill pan nice and hot with a touch of olive oil and crisped up those bad boys up. Done.

Chicken Sausages

Spinach Tortellini:
Where I save my calories in the chicken sausages, I couldn't help but waste on some carbs. My weakness. Tonight I used some mini spinach tortellini and tossed them in TJ's jarred pesto. I usually love making my own sauces, but let's face it there are some nights when that is just not going to happen. So luckily I've discovered that TJ's makes some very reliable sauces and dressings, they've definitely become my go-to on these types of lazy nights!

Sautéed Spinach:
Spinach, a touch of grape seed oil, and a big squeeze of lemon. Sauteed over medium heat. Voila.

TJ's Pesto

Dinner is served

Hope y'all had a Dahlicious Monday night meal too. Now time for dessert: "TJ's Gone Bananas" aka Dark Choc Covered Frozen Banana Slices. Yes please!

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