Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Healthful Pasta for One

Quick Healthful Pasta for One... When you're suddenly cooking for one and you are pressed for time, what's your go to? I know for some people its the simple eggs and toast, or perhaps a salad since it really takes no cooking at all.

For me, I like something hot for dinner, and tonight was no exception. I had a bunch of veggies on hand and wanted something light - but comforting at the same time (it was along Monday!)

I decided to use some fresh spinach, little golden tomatoes, and prosciutto to make a nice little pasta.

While my whole wheat linguini was boiling I put a handful of little tomatoes in a pan with a little olive oil over high heat with the lid on. This allowed the tomatoes to blister a little on the skin, at which point I removed the lid and tossed in a few big handfuls of spinach. I turned the heat down and let the spinach wilt with the roasting little tomatoes. Once the pasta was al dente I use tongs to toss it right in the pan with the spinach mixture and gave it a big toss. I also took a big spoon and give the tomatoes a little smash. A pinch of salt and pepper and voila! Within about 10 minutes of the water boiling dinner was ready. For a tiny bit of protein I added a couple of pieces of shredded prosciutto on top which added also a nice salty layer.

This was a great meal because it was quick, it was Dahlicious, it was filling, but it was healthful. And best of all a breeze to clean up!


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