Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Salmon & Coconut Broccoli

Salmon & Coconut Broccoli.... This meal was not something crazy innovative or different, but let's be honest if you're trying to make healthful meals in 30-45 minutes 4 nights a week we just can't be that creative all the time. But sometimes it's nice to spice things up in easy minimalistic ways, even if its just to feel like you aren't in a rut.

So Monday night instead of the normal routine of sauteing broccoli in grape seed oil and a tiny splash of water to steam... I steamed the broccoli in coconut milk and lime! Just a little twist, but added a fun element to the meal.

The salmon was done in a foil pouch in the  oven with the new handy dandy lettuce (or in this case spinach)  which keeps it very moist, almost like it's poached. Also served this meal up with sauteed yellow bell pepper and zucchini and all a top Trader Joe's Jasmine White Rice. I sprinkled some fresh chopped green onions over the salmon and voila!

coconut milk bubbling before adding the broccoli


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