Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sweet & Savory Rice Bowl

Sweet & Savory Rice Bowl... So there's a cafe in my hometown called Active Culture, they make the most Dahlicious rice bowls, yogurt & fruit parfaits, and super fresh frozen yogurt. It seems that everyone in town has their "go-to" bowl at Active Culture, and the one that I just never hear the end of is the LB Rice Bowl. This epic mixture of goodness includes organic brown rice, prosciutto, goat cheese, dates, apples, and basil. The sweet dates, salty prosciutto, creamy goat cheese, crisp apples, and aromatic basil are a combo to crave and last night I just had to make my own rendition at home.

I kept some things the same, the organic brown rice for instance as well as the prosciutto and basil (mainly because I had both already on hand). My bowl differed slightly though. On the sweet front I had recently procured a bag of large mixed medley raisins from TJ's which I diced up in place of the dates. For the creamy cheese, I went with crumbled feta... again mainly because I had it on hand and it was perfection. For the crispy bite I went in a pretty different direction from the tangy apple that AC includes in their bowl and instead went for warm burnt broccoli. Burnt broccoli, by the way, is a staple in my home - florets coated in olive oil/salt/pepper roasted at 450 for 20 minutes on a sheet pan until slightly crispy. They added a heartiness and warmth to my bowl that made this a scrumptious and filling dinner! I topped the whole bowl with a big squeeze of lime juice for a little acidity and moisture to bind all of my toppings.

This bowl will definitely become a regular of mine, the pop of flavor with each bite was addicting to say the least! Now go grab some sweet & savory toppings for your homemade rice bowls and report back on any great new combos!!

Starting the bowl, minus the broc

Too pretty not to post multiple pics!

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