Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pesto Tofu Stir Fry

Pesto Tofu Stir Fry... As I think I have mentioned before, I consider any meal where the protein and veggies are in bite sized pieces all mixed together in a sauce over some sort of starch to be a "stir fry". In last night's case it was a pesto themed vegetarian stir fry. I can't say that it was particularly innovative or that it took any skill, but it was satisfying and healthful and there were plenty of leftovers to bring for lunch - what more could a girl need??

On the Menu:
Tofu, Onion, Asparagus Pesto Stir Fry over Balsamic Brown Rice

The Stir Fry:
Alls I did was chop up my onion and asparagus into bite sized pieces before sauteing for about 10 minutes on medium heat with a liberal pour of olive oil. Once the veggies were slightly caramelized I added a big spoonful of TJ's pesto. Side Note: My dad makes an insanely Dahlicious homemade pesto, and while I know it's easy unfortunately my food processor seems to have died and thus without a replacement yet I am confined to the jarred stuff - TJ's version is pretty good though. I gave the veggies and pesto a nice mix so that each little morsel was coated in the tangy sauce. In another pan I sauteed a ton of chopped tofu, also smaller bite sized pieces. Once they were slightly crisped on the outside I tossed them in with the veggies along with another spoonful of the pesto and gave the whole thing a toss. I let it sit on low heat for another 5 minutes while I fixed up my rice.

The Rice:
The same pre-cooked brown rice I always use. I love this stuff. Once it was steamed and ready to serve I simply put a little pile on my plate and drizzled it with balsamic vinegar. This added a night tartness and acidity to the rice, an extra layer of flavor if you will.

I covered the rice with a heaping portion of my tofu & veggies and dinner was served! Again I know this isn't my most exciting meal here on Dahlicious, but let's face it not every Tuesday night will include an extravagant meal. My goal here is to put out doable recipe's - some more complex than others. But the true nature of this blog is to inspire those of you just embarking on your journey into cooking, or for those of you who have already started on your way, to feel like most nights can be a "homemade meal" kind of night, and not always with a whole lot of hassle.

Happy Wednesday!

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