Friday, May 17, 2013

Dahlicious Lunches: Low Cal on Repeat

Dahlicious Lunches: Low Cal on Repeat... I am a creature of habit, and I often get in grooves where I eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch over and over and over for a long time (I'm talking months people). Currently I only do that for my breakfast, which has consisted of TJ's Blueberry or Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Kashi Go Lean Crunch for many months now. For lunch I usually switch it up, but last weekend I was in one of my moods and I just cranked out 5 copies of the exact same lunch. I can't tell if I'm just a total whack-a-do or if I'm subconsciously prepping for a life of rearing 5 children. Anyways, like I've said before, chopping and preparing and organizing food is a total zen thing for me, so I actually LOVED spending an hour or two doing this. Anywho, here is what my everyday eating from 5:45 am-1:00 pm looked like this week. I track the calories on here just out of curiosity sake - however on days that I didn't do a morning workout I didn't eat the "Post workout" part eliminating about 300 calories from the whole thing. Generally I do Barre workouts in the AM which I've read you can burn anywhere from 300-600 calories in a class! Who knows - I just think they're a fun way to start my day!

Banana = 100 calories

Post Workout:
Quick drink of Almond Milk (6oz) and Protein Powder (1 individual packet) = 140 calories
Trade Joe's Banana Chocolate Protein Muffin (actually only ate two of these this week and forgot about them - oops) = 130 calories

Greek Yogurt = 120 calories
Cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch =190 calories

3-4 Slices of Turkey (Oven Roasted) = 50 calories
Handful of baby carrots = 30 calories
4-5 Celery Sticks with Unsalted Almond Butter = 200 calories
1 Cup of Skinny Pop (love this stuff, its simply popped popcorn with a bit of sunflower seed oil and a pinch of salt = 40 calories
1 Cup fresh watermelon = 50

It was pretty simple I just separated everything into 5 individual bags/Tupperware containers and it was pretty low calorie. All in all it comes to 1,050 calories and it can be modified to find other replacements etc. It might sound boring but sometimes on busy weekday's at work it is so nice to have everything already all packed up at the beginning of the week to just grab and go and (unhealthy as it is) eat at your desk between phone calls!

Anywho, just another lunch idea! Happy weekend all!

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