Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dahlicious Lunches: Roasted Chicken

Dahlicious Lunches: Roasted Chicken... I've gotten in a rut of using sliced turkey as my go-to the past few months for my main lunch protein. It's easy and good and healthful bla bla bla. But this week I went in a TOTALLY different direction. Get this.. instead of turkey... I brought... chicken! I know I know, white meat is white meat - but the slight change has been refreshing. This week when I got to the grocery store it was Monday after work (I'd been traveling all weekend) and the things I grabbed were a real hodge podge. I had a hard time even processing the things I needed for a proper lunch. I didn't feel like waiting in the deli line for turkey and was getting antsy when all of the sudden I noticed the hot little section of roasted chickens. Perfect. I love roasted chicken. I figured this would be a good easy alternative and would be much faster than waiting in the deli line.

When I got home I promptly removed the chicken from the handy dandy carrying pack and got to work. I cut off the legs and cut right down the breast. Then I mostly used my hands to shred up every last morsel I could. Of course I had to do a couple of taste tests - 1) to make sure it was good enough 2) because I knew that that chickie was never going to taste better than right then and there while it was still warm and juicy. I had to.

Once I had my large pile of shredded chicken I divided it evenly into 3 containers - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday is a half day so I can figure out a more interesting lunch.

To go with my shredded roasted chicken, on Tuesday I brought a small salad of little yellow tomatoes and fresh mozz with olive oil and balsamic glaze. Along with this I brought 2 brown rice rice cakes and a fruit leather.

Today, Wednesday, I paired my chicken with leftover veggies from dinner - roasted cauliflower and sauteed snap peas. All in all I think it will be a Dahlish lunch!

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