Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kitchen Chalkboard

Kitchen Chalkboard.... In my old place I used to write down all of the week night meals I planned to make on a pad of paper that had a magnetic strip which held perfectly to my fridge door. At the new place I'm stepping up my menu game and invested in a little chalkboard (a little over a foot long and about 6 inches wide). My plan is to put the weeks meals up there, in part to remind me and keep me on track, and in part to remind my roomie of what I'll be cooking up. That way if he thinks it sounds awful  (cough cough - tofu) he can suddenly book an important "work dinner" :-)

This Sunday was cool and drizzly after a beautiful weekend that was really our first sneak peak at spring weather in so long that the entire city was basically jumping for joy on Friday night. Anywho Sunday was the perfect day for my favorite chicken and white bean soup - which I adapted from my mom's chicken & bowtie noodle soup. It still has the same nostalgic flavor of growing up, but adds the more healthful white bean in place of the carby pasta. I also added finely chopped kale for a bit of greens and body. This is really, as Rachel Ray has coined, a Stoup. The soup is so hearty but still leaves you feeling light. Yum.

Sunday morning also called for a little healthful brekkie of scrambled eggs (secret ingredient is whisking in a little milk or *gasp* half & half.... that recipe is courtesy of my sneaky grandpa), cottage cheese with blueberries, and whole wheat toast with peanut butter. Dahlish!

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