Monday, April 14, 2014

Quick Saute

Quick Saute... Life does not seem to be slowing down that's for sure, full steam ahead and not a moment to spare. Between moving apartments & a hectic work schedule it seems like trying to find time to eat is becoming harder and harder lately. Last night my only chance to catch 60 minutes of zen "me" time was between 7-8 at yoga. I came from work around 6, scrambled 2 eggs and downed a glass of almond milk to hold me over in class. When I came home around 8:15 I knew I needed to eat SOMETHING before bed because I would be too hungry to sleep but didn't want the hassle of making a huge meal. I also wanted it to be healthful.

I ended up sauteing a few random ingredients from the fridge and it was perfect. Took about 5 minutes and was just what I needed.

I tossed a bunch of shredded chicken that I made on Sunday night into a saute pan to heat it up. Then I added a mix of  olives and white beans that I grabbed at the store this weekend for an appetizer, and finished it off with a big handful of spinach and fresh black pepper. I tossed it all together and it was ready in no time


On a side note, on Saturday we went to dinner with some friends and had them over for a little appetizer first. Since we were having Italian for dinner I figured I'd stick with the theme. This was so easy but seemed to be a crowd pleaser:

Sliced baguette, dusted with olive oil and in the broiled on each side till golden brown. Served with buratta, roasted tomatoes, salami, and proscuitto:

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