Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Radish... Okay. I give up. I am no longer cooking dinner because the most genius service has officially come to Chicago to change my life. And hopefully one day yours. 

I heard about this company a while back, honestly I don't remember how but apparently I signed up for it (I guess I am in the habit of blindly signing up for things... I don't even want to think about how many websites have my personal information). Then last week during lunch we were all talking about dinner plans and one girl said "have you ever had radish?" and I laughed thinking she was some imbecile who had never eaten a crunchy little thing in her salad and said "well duh, I use them all the time!" and she looked at me like I was an equal imbecile for thinking she had never eaten a radish before and said "NO!! I mean the company Radish". This led to her raving about the amazing meal she had delivered the night before in 15 minutes from ordering it and ended with her giving me some code that gave us each a $10 credit if I plugged it into the app.

Fast forward to this week: a short week of work, home late on Monday night without a chance to grocery shop, feeling fat from all my eating on vacation and also too lazy to cook, only feeding one mouth... all things that just further enhance the situation of NOT knowing what to do for dinner. Enter Radish.

So Radish is an on demand home delivery service for dinner. Each night from 6-9 (or until they sell out) they have about 9 options of dishes you can choose for your meal. You get to select 3 items from that night's menu - it looks like they generally have two/three main protein options and five or so different veggie/starch sides. Each item has a price tag generally between 3-4 dollars and once you hit the submit button they grantee delivery within 15 minutes. So last night after my workout class from 6-7 I jumped on the app and selected my meal and promptly got a notification that my meal would be at the front door in 17 minutes. Also on the confirmation I got a snapshot of the total calories, grams of protein, carbs, and fat as well as my total for the meal - $11. *Note they do charge an additional $2.50 for the delivery but seriously it was well worth the $13.50 in total. Not to mention they throw in an adorable little chocolate truffle for dessert.

Unfortunately I did get a few more notifications to my phone throughout the delivery window saying it was coming and in total it ended up being close to 20-23 minutes from time of order to time of delivery but guess what... I got an email from the CEO later in the evening apologizing for the delay giving me a $10 credit in my account to try Radish again. Now THAT is customer service!

Last night's Menu Options (from what I remember):
1) Cured Salmon two ways
2) Grass Fed Beef with tomatoes
3) Mashed Sweet Potatoes
4) Watermelon and cucumber salad
5) Quinoa with feta & mustard frills
6) Eggplant and Coconut Stew

I opted for the Grass Fed Beef, the quinoa and the eggplant. And OMG I could not have had a more pleasant experience.

The items came in nice little containers very appropriately portioned and perfect temperatures. The quantities were  just right, enough to make a full plate of dinner but not enough to feel that I gorged myself or overate or had seconds that I didn't need. Seriously I could not have been more pleased with this service and can't wait to try them again (probably tonight!!!).

For anyone in Chicago who is interested in getting a $10 credit to Radish (and earning me a $10 credit when you order) use this code once you go to the site and sign up: itahiz36 

The Beef

Tap each item to see price and details - click add to make sure it gets in your cart!




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