Friday, May 1, 2015

Seeduction Toasts

Seeduction Toasts... I struggle with bread at home. I LOVE good bread, but if it's around I'd be tempted to eat it, so I have to keep the stocking of that Dahlicious stuff to a minimum in my home. That being said, I like to have some sort of healthful bread option around especially for weekend mornings, when all I want is a hearty piece of toast with some yummy topping. I think I have found my perfect solution in the Seeduction loaf from Whole Foods. It is super dense and while it is soft it's full of these crunchy seeds and nuts that makes it super filling. I have found that it works well with both sweet and salty toppings which I am totally loving. On the flip side, it's not exactly Dahlicious enough to be tempted to slather it in butter and dunk it in some sauce or soup. Hence, my perfect solution.

B-fast toast with peanut butter & fruit

A bite of  raspberry, a bite of banana, repeat.

Afternoon toast with burrata and olives

Anytime toast wtih smashed avocado, lemon juice, salt

Avocado/lemon pepper toast,  up close & personal with the seeds

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