Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lunch - Healthy Egg Salad

Lunch - Healthy Egg Salad... I've made tuna salad the last few days for lunch at work, which included pickles and celery and brown mustard and tiny bit of mayo. But last night I wanted to make something a little different and figured I'd use a few odd bit's on hand (also left over from what I was making for dinner) and it turned into a Dahlicious mayo-less egg salad.

What I used:
3 hard boiled eggs (I probably only needed two but I did three anyways)
1/3 avocado (used the rest in my dinner)
1-2 celery stocks (I also used some leaves because I like them)
3 small sweet pickles
A squeeze of spicy brown mustard (say a tablespoon)
A palm full of steamed English peas (also part of dinner)
salt and pepper to taste

How to:
While hard boiling my eggs I went to town dicing all of my other ingredients. To hard boil, just place the eggs in a pot and fill it with cold water so that it just covers the eggs. Then place it on medium/high heat until the water comes to a boil. Remove the pot from heat, cover it with a lid and let it stand for about 15-17 minutes. Then let the eggs chill, and peel away!

For the rest of the veggies I just gave everything a rough chop into bite sized pieces - the avocado, the celery, and the pickles were added to a big salad bowl while I waited on the eggs. Also, at the same time I was steaming fresh peas in boiling water for a dinner recipe I'll share later, and so I spooned out a scoop, let them cool and added them to the mix.

Once my eggs were ready I chopped them up too, yolks and all, because although yolks contain the calories and cholesterol  they also contain almost ALL of the nutrients!! Egg whites are a good source of pure protein, but there are so many great vitamins that come from the yolk, plus I like the yolk.

I added it all together and squeezed a nice bit of spicy brown mustard plus some salt and pepper and cover it a toss. The avocado and mustard create a creaminess that really is a great substitute for the mayo. Don't get me wrong I LOVE mayo, and I don't think a little hurts, but avocado seems to be a good option to sub.

Also, the crunchiness of the celery and the tang of the pickles are, in my opinion, essential  The peas also add a nice little fresh sweetness in there as well as of course a good dose of green veggie in your lunch.

All in all I am pleased with the creation. That plus leftover roasted Brussels sprouts is what I'm having for lunch - hope you've got a Dahlicious healthful lunch coming your way as well!

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