Monday, April 1, 2013

Weekday Lunch: Spiced up Healthy Turkey Sandwich

Weekday Lunch: Spiced up Healthy Turkey Sandwich... Last week while doing my Juice Cleanse I had lots of time at night while I wasn't cooking to play on Pinterest and other favorite food blogs/sites fantasizing about what Dahlicious things I could make once solid edibles were allowed. I ran across some really great healthy lunch/snack ideas and I used one for the inspiration here.

The idea I found was a snack option, but it isn't really the best for me to bring to work in terms of getting squished etc. So I took some liberties and here is what I came up with.

The Inspiration Snack: Rice cake with smashed avocado, sriracha, and arugula

The Dahlicious Lunch Version: Sprouted wheat bread, sliced avocado, sriracha  grainy mustard, arugula  turkey, and cheddar. I also brought some little pickles and edamame for a side.

I made it in the morning before work because I happened to have some time, but I think I will try it again making it at night. It was super Dahlicious for lunch. The bread was sturdy and held up well all morning to the mustard and avocado. The few squirts of sriracha dded the perfect hint of heat, the grainy mustard added a great pop of tang, and the arugula made the whole thing feel healthful and bright.

Hope this is a lunch option you all will like, or may it serve as inspiration for you to create a better version for yourself, just like I did off of the rice cake snack!

Sprouted Bread

Perfect Avocado

Mustard on both halves, sriracha on one, half the avocado on the other

3 slices of turkey and one slice of cheese atop arugula

Ta Da! Lunch Time!

Here is this inspiration from Honest Fare:

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